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About the website

Cumbriaimagebank is a collection of digital images created using original material from Cumberland Council Libraries and Archives Service. There are also images that members of the public have sent in - see section ‘sending images’.

This website enables users to view 32,000 images, dating back to the mid-eighteenth century, covering the whole of Cumbria.

This digitisation project was undertaken for a number of reasons:

                To ensure our original material is preserved 
                To raise awareness and understanding of the material we hold 
                To provide better access to unknown or little used material 
                To create resources useful for learning and teaching
                To make available part of our photographic and archive collections for users from all over the world to view via the Internet 
Images on this website can be downloaded for personal use and photographic quality prints may be ordered online.

We hope you enjoy browsing the website. Thank you for your interest.



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